[thelist] why does this javascript cause errors

Richard Bennett mail at richardinfo.com
Thu Oct 25 18:01:55 CDT 2001

You have to add a closing bracket "}" just before the closing </script> tag.

And search+delete this line:



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From: "Meredith Tupper" <meredith at pintsize.com>

> Hi folks, sorry if this is too simple but I could use some
> debugging help...I'm working on a site that I didn't create;
> it had a popup window for an event.  I am trying to remove
> the popup window now by deleting code that looks like it's
> related to the popup window.  I have succeeded in removing
> it but now the page loads with errors.  When it comes to
> javascript, I represent a hazard to myself and others.  Any
> assistance would be ever so appreciated.  Here's the code:
> The site is located here: http://www.p-grace.org.

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