[thelist] MSN locks out non IE browsers

john corry john at neoncowboy.com
Fri Oct 26 01:04:54 CDT 2001

> homepage, granted. Many people that don't use IE still rely on msn.com
> as their 'internet homepage'.

why would you rely on a page that supposedly and reportedly doesn't work in
your browser as a homepage? Is it MS's fault that a sea of users aren't
aware of the fact that they can make their homepage whatever they like?

FWIW, I visited MSN.com with NN 4.78 adn IE 6 and got pretty much the same
content. That being the case, how (specifically) are NN users being shut out
of anything?

As a developer: I really wish that either there were only one browser I had
to be responsible for coding for...


That all the browser makers would agree to support standards and behave

So far, IE 4+ anything always works for me. i never have to solve the
mysterious problem of why my shit isn't working right in IE. NN 4+ on the
other hand...hell, half of this lists content (admitted exaggeration) is
about how to make your otherwise beautiful website work in NN 4.something.

So, who is being shut out by whom? To me, it looks like the NN users are
being shut out of 'web experiences' by the dipshits who developed their
browser. I can't see why it isn't fair or right to just show NN users what
their experience could be if they used the better browser, and tehn explain
to them that it is only because they use an inferior product for viewing
websites that they have an inferior experience. Why should I (as a
developer) have to JUMP  THROUGH FUCKING HOOPS to provide an identical
experience to both browsers?

Those NN developers seem to *want* to make it difficult for me...I mean
c'mon, you've coded for NN before, you know what I'm talking about.

I hate monopolistic, economy controlling business as much as the next
geek/stoner but shit...their browser kicks ass and the other one sucks.
That's just how it is.

If I ever get a job where 'looking good in NN is important' then I'll have
to accept that as a design criteria and go for it, but frankly it'll always
be easier to do that in IE.

lol, I can't believe this has gone this far! In 1998 I was coding so
everything would look OK in NN 3, I figured it was a matter of months before
code would just be universally alright. What a pain in the ass Netscape has
been for the world at large. I totally fail to see the value that this
company and their crappy product has added to teh web world and would love
to see tehm fall by the wayside.


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