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Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 26 01:36:00 CDT 2001

Teleport Pro! I've used nothing better. It's fantastic.




--- Derry Talvainn <derry at artema.com.au> wrote:
> My client wants an offline copy of a website that is basic html, css and
> javascript, but if I send him a copy of the website I have and he opens it
> in his browser none of the links work. They are looking for C:/(relative
> path).
> Is there an easy way I can give him a copy that he can show his clients
> offline.
> I have tried Acrobat 4's downloading web pages and it sucks as all the
> graphics shift - so that won't work.
> I have tried the 'browse offline' function in Internet Explorer and it is
> fairly unstable and has a tendency to freeze when accessing links
> (especially the pdf links).
> I am considering putting absolute links in so the site will work, but I'm
> not keen on the time that will take me (unless someone knows a quick way to
> do that).
> Derry Talvainn
> Artema Interactive Design

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