[thelist] MSN locks out non IE browsers

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> > i'd say the primary purpose is to serve content with
> > an added bonus being the sheer number of visitors and
> > the ability to get a message out about upgrades to so
> > many.
> in other words, making people upgrade.

>if that was the purpose then why spend so much freaking time and money on
>producing content for the site?

Plus, if any of us were running a group which produced
browsers, we'd *damned* well make sure that our website
sung, danced and played the flute on the browser we produced.

> i can give 20 example of *family* members who signed up
> for hotmail accounts only to have X spam emails 2 days
> later, without giving their new email acccount away.

>the same thing has happened to me and lots of other people i know.
>has a *huge* user base.  it's a good target for pattern matching spam.
>i send an email to all accounts between aaaaaaaa and zzzzzzzz in all

Yup. You have a tiered approach like this:
1) Send email to all possible patterns
2) Record bounces against patterns as a flag
3) Email the non-bouncing patterns every day until they
4) Email the bouncing ones every month in case any of them
    become active
5) Iterate from step 2

Very simple. Very effective (in maximising your reach while minimising
the load on your mailserver).

> they're simply looking to make a dime.

>and this is so bad because?  that's capitalism.  they've got payroll to
>each month, don't forget.

And shareholder dividends every quarter, and they've got to keep the
sharevalue reasonably high so that the investors don't revolt.

Remember that legally, any public company is owned by the
shareholders and is duty bound to maximise shareholder returns.

Dat's capitalism - the system that builds the Z3 and delivers it to you
in return for money.


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