[thelist] css positioning...within <td></td>

McAtee, Malcolm MMcAtee at philamuseum.org
Fri Oct 26 09:31:10 CDT 2001

Aha!  tucked away in the javascript.....................

  var i, menuCount=14, menuLabel, menuX=0, menuY=109;

  menuArray = new Array();
  for (i = 1; i <= menuCount; ++i) {
    menuLabel = document.getElementById('menuLabel'+i).cbe;
    menuLabel.moveTo(menuX, menuY);
    menuArray[i] = document.getElementById('menu'+i).cbe;
    menuArray[i].moveTo(menuLabel.left() + menuLabel.width(),
    menuArray[i].menuLabel = menuLabel;
    menuY += menuLabel.height() + 0;
I still get a approx. 5 pixel difference in NN6...but this is great!

Thanks for all the help!

Malcolm J. Mcatee
Web Designer
Philadelphia Museum of Art
mmcatee at philamuseum.org

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> I thought that nesting all of menu <div> s inside one container <div>
> do the trick.
> I have tried a few different options--I have either successfully
of the Web, evolt !

If you wrap the subsequent menus in span tags they will display inline

Alternatively, specify the position:absollute; left:0;, left:150; etc

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