[thelist] offline website

Ed webnow at bigfoot.com
Fri Oct 26 11:55:32 CDT 2001

I agree 100%  - Teleport is awesome - a tool designed to do exactly what you
want with some nice poweruser features, like multiple threads (speeds up
D/Ls), emulate a browser (so you don't piss off their statistics people),
and you can dial in how aggresively you want it to pursue files (JS, rich
media, etc.)


 : [mailto:thelist-admin at lists.evolt.org]On Behalf Of Robert Goodyear
  : Teleport Pro! I've used nothing better. It's fantastic.

 : --- Derry Talvainn <derry at artema.com.au> wrote:
 : > My client wants an offline copy of a website that is basic
 : html, css and

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