[thelist] CSS Classes and good old NS4

Bill Mason accessibleinter at accessibleinter.net
Fri Oct 26 13:22:36 CDT 2001

At 11:11 AM 10/26/2001, Perry Gerenday wrote:
>  > .header.breadcrumbs
>  > {color:#333333;background:#cccccc;font:7pt/7pt
>  > Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif}
>Hi David,
>I've got a couple of questions.
>* What does the declaration "font:7pt/7pt" do? Why the slash and double set
>of numbers? Granted my knowledge is limited but I've never seen this before.

The first 7 is the font-size; the second is the line-height.

>* If .breadcrumbs is {color:#333333;background:#cccccc;font:7pt/7pt
>Arial,Helvetica,Sans-Serif} -- Where are the declarations for .header?

Technically it doesn't have to have anything declared for this CSS to function.

I would suggest spacing out .header.breadcrumbs as .header .breadcrumbs { etc }

Bill Mason
Accessible Internet
evolt at accessibleinter.net

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