[thelist] MSN locks out non IE browsers

Warden, Matt mwarden at mattwarden.com
Fri Oct 26 16:06:50 CDT 2001

On Oct 26, Scott Brady had something to say about Re: [thelist] MSN locks...

>> Who is MSN to dictate what browser I use to
>> view their content?  What's wrong with a popup telling me the site may
>> not function or appear correctly with the browser I use?
>I personally think it's pretty stupid for MSFT to do this.  However, if MSFT
>wants you to use IE 5+ and you don't want to use IE 5+, then don't go there.
>If MSFT starts losing enough customers this way, they'll change.  No one is
>forcing you to go to MSN.com (I'm not certain why you would want to, but
>that may just be me).

I got to admit that I haven't been following all of this thread, but...

what about those who have email accounts on msn sites? that pretty much
sucks that they either have to use IE (certain versions, it seems) of
NN6/4 OR change their email address (anyone who's done so will no what a
pain in the arse that is! and that is the sole reason i originally bought
my domain name...).

just thought i'd throw that in there (and hope no one else has already
done so)...



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