[thelist] Any PDF Pro's?????

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Sat Oct 27 12:27:05 CDT 2001

On 27 Oct 2001, at 9:03, Gary Pool wrote about 
Re: [thelist] Any PDF Pro's?????:

> > this one sounds like a perfect job for Pagemaker.

> Actually InDesign or Quark would be a better choice.

I was simply suggesting a DTP program, and the one I use was a 
natural choice. But for a basic job like this even M$ Publisher would 
probably be more than enough. Buying ID or Q to export a few 
restaurant menus to PDF would be quite pricey, I'm afraid.

I will get InDy on my next pc upgrade, and after V2 comes out. Quark? 
Great program, but PM served me fine for the last 8 years or so




<tip type="exporting tables from Excel to HTML"
author="Massimo Mezzini">

If you don't have the time to clean up all the garbage that Excel 
inserts in a page with the Save_as_HTML option, try these two tools.

a) xls2html (Excel add-on, PC only)

b)  Scott Blanksteen's Excel-to-HTML Converter (Ex4 macro, PC & Mac)

Both let you select some basic formatting options and create a 
cleaner HTML to tweak and polish.


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