[thelist] serving WM from desktop inside firewall/proxy

Nick Koleszar nick at welcomestranger.com
Sat Oct 27 16:21:30 CDT 2001

Has anybody managed to do this?

I am trying to stream Windows Media from a desktop machine.

Desktop IP:
Gateway IP:

I can get the stream working on the local network on

Gateway machine is on ADSL. Running BlackICE firewall and Linkbyte Comsocks

I have tried configuring the Firewall to let in TCP on port 1775 and the
Proxy to route external TCP on 212.250.10:1775 to

What am I missing? I have even tried with the firewall off and with UDP
instead of TCP. Both, according to MS should work.


Nick Koleszar : npk at btinternet.com

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