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Kevin D. White nonzero at well.com
Sun Oct 28 10:25:23 CST 2001

Use either V-com's Parition Commander or PowerQuest's Partition Magic.
Personally, I vote for the first since you can run it from a floppy and it
never checks for Professional vs. Server installation.  The standard version
of Partition Magic will not run on Win2K server.  You will need the Pro
version, $300.00.

Just a reminder: partitioning a drive with data on it is very dangerous.  If
you don't have a full backup or better yet a drive image, you begging to be
kicked.  I've used both of the afore mentioned programs.  Both are great and
very reliable.  I've had both destroy partitions.  Make a backup.  Please.
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> Hi everyone out there, a question about win 2000, need to know if it is at
> all possible to partition a drive AFTER its been used, cant afford to
> the drive at this stage. need to partition it and format a section to NTFS
> to load macromedia sitespring, if anyone else knows how this can be don't
> would be greatly appreciated.
> regards
> Peter Fryer
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