[thelist] More SQL conundrums....

alex lepingwell alexlepingwell at btconnect.com
Mon Nov 12 05:06:17 CST 2001


I have two tables that are more or less identical (about 3500 records,
access2000, win 98), one is old information one is new. The actual
information has not changed significantly, but the info that has changed
will be things like phone numbers. The old info table has the addition of a
two columns, one which is a yes/no and one which draws a value from a linked
table of 50 odd values. only about10 pct of the records actually have a
value entered in the yes/no column and the same number for the linked

Now what i would like to do is create one table that has the updated phone
info and also the additional columns. What I had in mind was running a query
that selected all the values form the new info table that had a
corresponding yes in the yes/no column of the old table, by default the
linked column will be filled out.

Once i have this list of values in the new table that correspond to the
value i am looking for in the old table i will add the required columns from
the old table and then run an update query to update the values in the new
info table with the required fields to bring it into line with the
information held on the old table. That way i think i will have a fully
working table with all the values i need.

I have not tried doing this yet becuase i have little experience of SQL and
want to try and establish if i  am on the right track first.


<tip type="coldfusion" level="absolute beginners:)">

use a <cfinclude> on each page for  the header, that way global updates of
head information becomes much easier, similarly for footers, comes in handy
when changing navigation bars, copyrights etc.


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