[thelist] Digital Camera Recommendation

Brian King BKing at Impact-Technologies.com
Mon Nov 12 09:40:37 CST 2001

Personally, I prefer the Sony Mavica line of camera's.  One big reason is
that I don't need to buy or use memory sticks.  The one I have lets you use
floppies or a memory stick.  Floppies are still easy to come by and I still
have an inexhaustible of them to use.  No flash kit or cords to buy or
remember to carry with you to download you pics on a PC.  Most all PC's
still have a floppy drive. The newer models also come in a 3" CD flavor that
will store 1000 pics per CD.  You can get any of them, (accept for the CD
version right now), in a 4 megapixel version, which is as much as you need
to print a nice version.  Remember the printer you are working with is
probably the limiting factor on the resolution anyways.  Most of the cameras
out there now have a higher res than most printers.

IMHO  Brian

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Subject: [thelist] Digital Camera Recommendation

Hi People,

What would be a good recommendation for a digital camera for web design, and
at the same time good enough quality for print?

Either specs to look for or recommendations from personal use.

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