[thelist] how far is PICS implemented ?

Cristian Secara secarica at fx.ro
Mon Nov 12 10:06:59 CST 2001

I have read the "safe for kids" rating classification at
and seems confused to me.

Giving a site that classify itself as "safe for kids", should the
META HTTP-EQUIV="Content-Type" CONTENT="text/html ..."
be now changed with
"http://www.weburbia.com/safe/ratings.htm" l r (s 0))'
or any other label bureau ?

What are the chances that, without the PICS rating system included, the
respective page will be blocked by filtering software, even if useless from
the rating point of view ?

Some time ago, on thelist, there was a recommendation for
META name="DISTRIBUTION" content="Global"
META name="RATING" content="Safe for Kids"
Is this now obsolete ? Or are they search robots related only ?
(I removed the < and > to avoid mailer screwiness)

Thank you.
Best wishes,

(this is a repost, the previous seems lost on thelist queue)

Cristian Secara <secarica at fx.ro>

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