[thelist] Digital Camera Recommendation

Brian King BKing at Impact-Technologies.com
Mon Nov 12 11:37:07 CST 2001

It takes about 2 seconds to write the image to the disk on the highest
resolution, (1600, 1200?, I forget).  I don't take pictures that fast so it
doesn't bother me.  I lost one image once due to a bad floppy.  That was my
own fault too, the camera had warned me.  I had formatted the disk on the
camera, (standard format but camera also has utility), and it told me at
that time that it couldn't read the disk, I told it to do it again and it
worked the second time.  It stored 1 picture and then puked on the second.
On the flip side, I tend to keep the floppies that I took the pictures with,
(dime a dozen floppies), and it makes for a decent backup, even though I
have them all on a PC.  If you want speed, you can use the flash stick in
the camera.  The floppies have worked out nice a family functions.  I can
give someone a floppy and they can take their pictures home with them.  Or I
can leave the pictures with the customer for their review, if it is for a
web page.

I am obviously biased because I have grown to really like the camera.   So
take my words with a grain of salt, of course.


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As a matter of interest, don't you find them slow in operation? I would have
thought that by the nature of floppy disc writing, it could take a few
seconds to write the image. Also, floppies never had the highest reliability
rate in my experience; have you ever had images lost to dodgy disks?

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