SQL resources (was Re: [thelist] SQL help - I think JOINing is required)

Damian Maclennan damian_mac at hotmail.com
Tue Nov 13 04:09:11 CST 2001


For MS SQL Server (and a little access) by far the best web resource is 
There are hundreds of articles, great forums and for the really hard 
questions...the team will help out and write an article....(of course I am 
biased, I write there... )

As for books, to get you started, go for Professional SQL Server Programming 
(7 or 2000) by Rob Vieria (sp?) from Wrox press. Once you get through that, 
"The Guru's Guide to Transact SQL" by Ken Henderson is one the best books 

Hope that helps...


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>Matt, Rudy, Andrew, Damian, thanks for all the help. I'm making definite
>progress now. Rudy, thanks for clarifying Inner and Outer joins. I
>definitely need to learn more about SQL and databases. Can anyone recommend
>good resources, either books or online?
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