[thelist] MSXML, SAX, and client side script - HEEELLLPPPP!!!!

Ed Courtenay ed at edcourtenay.co.uk
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I've not had a chance to see whether there's anything here that'll help you
directly with this problem, but a really great resource for MSXML stuff can
be found here:

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Hi everyone...

I am in a bind and need some help.  I am taking a class on applied XML and
we have to write a script that parses an XML file and spits out the content
of each element.  The trick is that we have to use SAX as our parsing
method.  Has anyone out there ever done this using client side VBScript or
Javascript and the MSXML parser?

Is a real simple thing to do using the DOM but i cannot find any references
for SAX.  Has anyone written anything like this before?

Any help is greatly appreciated.



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