[thelist] RE: CF5 Single-User Version

Wallace, Mark mwallace at bindview.com
Tue Nov 13 09:07:11 CST 2001

> If so, CF Studio 5  (or the CF Studio/Ultradev combo) would 
> already have the
> single-user version of CF Server 5, wouldn't it?

If you purchase the Ultradev/Studio 5 combo online, CFServer5 is included in
your downloadable files in the Macromedia store. Incidentally, if you've
also purchased CFServer, you can use the serial to install it full version -
otherwise, it works full version for 30 days then reverts to single user -
but it's the same setup file either way.

which I'm pretty sure is just a synopsis of the original tip :)
 - but it's available as a dl when you buy CFStudio online. The download is
officially <scottish>"Frikkin Huge"</scottish>


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