[thelist] site check - http://www.magisnetworks.com/new2002/index.html

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at compaq.com
Tue Nov 13 14:30:57 CST 2001

Hi Joel,

[Sorry for the lateness - it's been 'a slice' lately! ... and I've got
about another 450 unread evoltic emails to go!]

Anyway ... I'll take a crack at this here 'design critique' stuff!

* the new design scrolls wide on a 800x600 screen - maybe something more
liquid would work better?
* the "bigger" print and higher contrast (dark blue on white?) letters
are a lot easier for me to read than the old white lettering on the pale
to medium [wimpy?] blue background, so that's a plus.

* I like the drop-downs on the 'old' design - they feel 'tighter' to me
and allow you to present more information in a smaller space.
* I really dislike the 'green' tone to the menu roll-overs and drop-down
selections in the 'old' design - it strikes me as an example from some
smartass article I read once about 'everybody' doing their sites in
(pretty much these exact shades of) blue and green.

About as designy as I get,


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