[thelist] Protecting against SPAM

Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 13 18:15:51 CST 2001


My client is receiving irate replies from victims of a spammer
who is using randomly-generated mailbox names under her domain
name. Since I've set her mailbox up as a catchall, she's getting
the irate mail and is quite concerned.

We all know you can type whatever REPLY-TO address you want to
into Outlook, Yahoo! Mail or just about any other client or
webmail app.

We also know that end-users are uninterested in looking at mail
headers to fingerprint the actual source of an email.

The message content included a clickthrough to
http://jmsbulk.com, which was there last week and gone now (no
surprise there.)


1) Will my client inadvertently go into a blackhole list and
interrupt her means of doing business.

2) Is there *any* recourse whatsoever for this kind of thing? Is
spoofing a domain name fraudulent enough to get anyone's
attention at least to make my client feel better that someone's
looking into this at the ISP level?

3) Any other thoughts/recommendations from any of you bright
folks out there?

Many thanks in advance.

Robert Goodyear

<tip type="Boundaries of liability and support for consultants"
author ="Robert Goodyear">

It's a really good idea to explain visually what falls under the
domain of a consultant when doing business with clients. For
example, showing the delineation between development and hosting
is often a big eye-opener even for midsize clients. And while
*administering* a client's domain may fall under your contract,
unless you've got a colocated/dedicated server, you've got to
indemnify yourself from techsupport's - lack of - support.


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