[thelist] Real Audio Conversion

Chris Johnston chris at fuzzylizard.com
Tue Nov 13 22:10:25 CST 2001

I have no idea if this will solve your problem, but have you checked out
Cleaner 5 by Terran. I have been trying to find a website for it with
little luck. (yes I tried google, but couldn't connect) I is mostly for
video, however, I believe it can handle audio as well. I do know that it
is one powerful program.


-----Original Message-----
I'm looking for a way to do an on-the-fly conversion of mp3 or wav to
ra/rm formats so our radio news department can send audio files to the
server via form without messing with Real Producer or some other
software. Anyone done this before?

Oh, yeah, and if you know a good method for automating the process of
creating transcripts from audio files, that would be okay too. Alright,
alright - I know I'm asking for too much now - I guess we'll just stick
with request number one.



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