[thelist] Site Check (thegeneration.org)

Paul Peterson paul at thereformist.com
Wed Nov 14 13:17:21 CST 2001

Hi mates! Would some of you please take a peek at
http://www.thegeneration.org/index-new.shtml and let me know your valued
opinions? I would especially appreciate feedback on layout, usability, and
colors (both selectable styles).


- page is still in dummy copy stage, but all elements are in place.

- few links work. Check 'About Us' for a child page example.

- index-new.shtml will be changed to index.shtml so Home links work.

- Includes are used for header & footer tables, random image, and news.

- should be liquid to 640x480 (maximized).

- I've run into some strange box-rendering quirks when viewing with Netscape
6.2. If anybody else spots these and knows a solution, I would appreciate
hearing it.

Thanks in advance,
Paul Peterson

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