[thelist] Question about Z-index of DIVS and FORM elements

sam samiam at sam-i-am.com
Wed Nov 14 20:39:00 CST 2001

there *is* a hack.. you turn the visibility of the form element of when
you turn the menu on. If it's the case that it's only ever going to be one
form element (the select box) then this isn't too bad as you can hard code
the element name into your script. But if your DHTML menu is going to
overlap an unknown you're faced with the prospect of cycling
through the form elements and figuring out which need turning off.
And then if the menu only partially overlaps it looks a little funny.

but it can be done.

> Yes, I had the same problem. No fix for it. Move the two elements apart.

> >We have a form element ( a drop down list ) in the body of our page.
> >
> >We have a horizontal nav, which uses a dhtml drop down, above
> >this area.
> >
> >What is happening is the when the dHTML drops down hovers over
> >the form element ( the drop down list), the drop down list
> >shows through.

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