logo = link to home? (was RE: [thelist] Red Hat ftp server how-to?)

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
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Good stuff, all of it. Thanks for the link isaac.


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> Odd thing about their site, though. I automatically clicked the company
> logo, assuming it was a link to their home page. Not true in this case.
> Is this a valid assumption in most cases, or is using the logo as a link
> home anti-usability or anti-marketing in some way?

IBM has something to say on this topic:

Seven tricks that Web users don't know:

"They may seem obvious to you, but less-technical users are frequently
stymied by issues like these."

"Logos that link to the home page" is trick #1.

Their view is that the logo should link to the home page but not be the only
identifier. They provide an example of a suggested solution.


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