[thelist] Help! Sliced Table Problems...

Mike Stevens mstevens at members.evolt.org
Thu Nov 15 03:20:15 CST 2001

Looks to me like your text is messing up the spacing.

Try slicing it up with less images and spans.  If the contents of the
spanned column require more space than the total height or width of the
images in the cells being spanned the extra pixels are split up between the
spanned cells.

Maybe you can try using some 1 pixel repeating background images in the
cells where you need to have text.

Main thing: simplify, simplify, simplify.  You can most likely get away with
using far less images.

Maybe you should get some rest and give it another go in the morning. :)

Good luck.


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> Dear "All",
> I sliced up an image in Photoshop & put it in a table
> to merge data into certain fields.
> Usually, everything comes out fine, however due to the
> small size of everything in this particular email, I
> can't seem to get the table to close up right.
> http://www.florentinedesign.com/Polestarcapital3.htm
> This is the draft, and the table is the check in the
> middle..
> Does anyone see anything in the code? I've eliminated
> extra <br> tags, &NBSP's, alignment=middle..but now
> I'm stumped this late at night.

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