[thelist] CGI pass var 2 XSSI / SSI syntax / embedded Perl - 3 simple questions

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Thu Nov 15 04:07:49 CST 2001

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Subject:  [thelist] CGI pass var 2 XSSI / SSI syntax / embedded Perl - 3
      simple questions

>1.  Can CGI create/modify variables which can be accessed by an SSI later
>the same page?

Environmental variables for sure, but don't know about others - I suspect

>2.  Is there any syntactical trick which would enable me to simply add a
>character (or 4) to the DOCUMENT_URI and call that as an SSI?

Don't know if this will help, but you do know that you can recursively
Apache SSIs?

So if you have your SSI in a .fhtml file, you can make Apache parse .fhtml
by adding it to your .htaccess file just as with any other type.

Also you've got a fair amount of functionality in XSSI -
you can concatenate string variables along the lines of (coding from

<!--#set var="URI" value="$DOCUMENT_URI" -->
<!--#set var="menu" value="menu" -->
<!--#set var="menu_location" value="$URI$menu" -->
#   The menu location is (drumroll):
#   <!--#echo var="$menu_location" -->
<!--#include virtual="$menu_location" -->

>3.  I've read about modules which allow Perl to be embedded directly in a
>page.  What are the dis/advantages of 'embedded Perl' and how simple is it
>to get into?

The thing about any kind of Perl is that it's a much higher performance
overhead than XSSI - if you can get the same result with XSSI then that's
the way I'd go.

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