[thelist] Lost Linux Pass

darren darren at web-bitch.co.uk
Thu Nov 15 04:40:18 CST 2001

On 15 November 2001 at 10:32:33, Ross Lynch <kernel at esatclear.ie> wrote:

RL> <tip type="Passwords" author="Ross Lynch">
RL> If you really must keep your passwords written down
RL> (and you shouldn't) keep them in a notebook in a
RL> very safe place that only you have access to, a safe
RL> for example.

RL> That way when you forget one you'll know where to
RL> find it. Additionally, when you change a password
RL> don't forget to update the notebook entry.
RL> </tip>

an alternative for windows users is password safe by counterpane labs
(http://www.counterpane.com/passsafe.html) which uses blowfish to encrypt
your 'safe'.  just don't forget the password to the program! ;>


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