[thelist] Lost Linux Pass

Ross Lynch kernel at esatclear.ie
Thu Nov 15 05:17:50 CST 2001

> I disagree with part of your tip Ross
> (though I agree with the general
> concept). I think that for general
> user-level use, one should advise that
> people don't write down their passwords.
> But for administrators who possibly
> have to handle tens or hundreds of
> passwords, writing down passwords is not
> just advised, but essential.

What can I say... I agree and did say that they
shouldn't be written down. However, Frank mentioned
that the password might be written on a scrap of
paper somewhere (along with his CC details!) which
is obviously an awful idea.

So, if you're gonna write 'em down, keep 'em locked
up. I know people who keep their passwords on sticky
notes on their monitors *sigh*


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