[thelist] Time based img visibility to make a strobe effect?

Phill Price phill at maxxed.co.uk
Thu Nov 15 08:56:21 CST 2001

Hello people of wisdom,
I',m currently trying to figure out how to make a pair, or more, images 
visible based on time, i.e. image 1 visible for x then off for y, image 
2 visible for x, off for z (timing not the issue at the moment).

I also want these seperate images to be visible on top of a larger 

To give some perspective i'm talking about car head / indicator lights 
flashing on a car. To shrink the image size from an animated gif giving 
all possibilities i think this is the best option, other than lots of 
preloaded full car images at different stages ie 

*left off, right off
*left on, right off
*left on, right on
*left off, right on

And even then how would i timeline these?

I know how to position the individual headlights through absolute 
positioning but wonder if its possible through the lowest form possible 
(ie oldest browser) through dhtml or js scripting the visibility of a 
div tag?

Any help please, its driving me to insomnia and insanity!

Phill Price
the cruisers hideout

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