[thelist] designer's rights

jay.blanchard at thermon.com jay.blanchard at thermon.com
Thu Nov 15 10:00:11 CST 2001

The 'TM' on something's name only shows that the owner wishes to trade-mark 
this item. It, unless help up in court, is a designation that can be put on 
anything by anyone (American law, YMMV) and unless challenged can be 
considered trade-marked until any court action. (i.e. This Is Jay's 
E-Mail-TM ... is legal according to our rights attorney. )

Registering a trade-mark (®) has the effect of paying for some sort of 
trade-mark recognition through an agency. This is also challengeable, but 
is more likely to hold legal water.

Copyrighting is much more firm, in this case if there was no payment for 
the work and it was agreed that you were not doing the work for free it 
still belongs to you.

Personally...I wouldn't want this a$$ in my portfolio, maybe you should 
change some names and still use the design in your portfolio and then 
legally pursue the dumba$$ for non-payment.

Jay Blanchard

I know....I owe.... 

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