[thelist] netscape problem ! (help)

Niklaus Haldimann nhaldimann at gmx.ch
Thu Nov 15 10:40:07 CST 2001

Hi Stéphane

On 15 Nov 01, at 11:18, Stéphane Gosselin wrote:
> Ok. I have this funky netscape prob. driving me up the wall. Netscape 4
> insists on lining up the images  in a vertical manner.

I think it's something in the style sheet. If I turn off styles in 
NN4 the images align correctly. I think it's this line that's causing 
the trouble:

A IMG {border: none;}

It's not necessary since you have a border attribute on the images 
anyway. Generally the CSS border property doesn't work correctly in 
NN4. Also NN4 has sometimes problems with selectors. Perhaps removing 
the "A" will improve things, too.


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