[thelist] MS Exchange questions

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Thu Nov 15 12:01:36 CST 2001

CDONTS can pretty much access anything Exchange does. I'm a rank newbie, but
I'm reading a book ;)

Outlook Web Access is built entirely using CDO so it's pretty powerful
stuff. The Wrox book CDO programming seems pretty complete, but as I said,
I'm not an authority.


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> Hi all,
> My boss asked me to look into MS Exchange and find the answers to a few
questions.  Hopefully someone here can answer my questions.  I know these
questions are going to be simple, but I am a PHP/CF programmer, not a VB,C++
> Are there any custom tools that we can use to write custom apps that will
access the server?  We have several custom programs that we wrote for our
old email program (ccmail) and we will need to write new programs.
> One in particular is for the BIG boss.  His secretary checks his mail and
they don't want a return receipt sent out if she checks his mail.  I know
this is generally handled with the email program itself.  But do the same
rules apply if we/they use IMAP instead of POP3? (I have only dealt with POP
> Any information including any links would be greatly appreciated.
> Thanks
> Chris

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