[thelist] scp syntax from win2k too openBSD

Richard Bennett mail at richardinfo.com
Thu Nov 15 12:04:27 CST 2001

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From: "Bradee Haskins" <b at bradee.com>

> I forwarded your question to a friend of mine who is off list, I hope his
> response helps.
That's very nice of you.

Although I never did find the absolute answer, his suggestion was correct, I
used winSCP, and it was really easy.

<tip type=cache>
Sometimes you want to be sure an image, or html page are served fresh from
the server, and not from the browser's cache, for instance when showing a
webcam image.
a quick way to do this is to append a question mark to the file-name.

<img src="pic.gif?">

>From javascript you can also append a unique string, like this:

var t=new Date()
var myPic=new Image()



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