[thelist] Web Development Sites

Erika Meyer emeyer at lclark.edu
Thu Nov 15 14:16:14 CST 2001

Front end:

If you want to learn a specific technique, explore with google.com. 
For example, some sites specialize in JavaScript, others in Perl, 
others in usability, IA, XML, CSS.

Webmonkey.com used to be my catch-all site for learning, and a lot of 
the content is still very good.

Evolt's good, but because of the ad hoc nature of the articles 
written, it can be tough to find something specific on the site. (for 
example: "I want to build a rotating hooha with perl.")   This, of 
course, is the strength of the mailing list, and all its collective 

I say go to google and follow your bliss.


>  > BTW, what exactly do you mean by "web development" btw?  front-end,
>>  back-end, web biz, or something else?
>>  Erika
>Oh, all of the above :-)
>My area of interest is more front- and back-end development


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