[thelist] scp syntax from win2k too openBSD

Keith cache at dowebs.com
Thu Nov 15 14:54:17 CST 2001

> correct, I used winSCP, and it was really easy.

Passing on the URL for winSCP.....


It's worthy of a tip and I own from past rants

<tip type="FTP and SSH">
If you have moved to SSH (secure shell) to enhance your *NIX 
server's security there is a Windows FTP client for SSH that you 
may want to use. It's WinSCP at http://winscp.vse.cz/eng/. This FTP 
client is freeware and is GNU Open Source (albeit in Czech) . The 
GUI has 16 bit architecture but includes the basic functions you 
expect to find in a Windows FTP client. Both login and transfers are 
done encrypted and winSCP supports both SSH1 & SSH2. 


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