[thelist] Usability: Empirically Validated Web Page Design Metrics

Michele Foster michele at wordpro.on.ca
Thu Nov 15 15:06:32 CST 2001

Hey Marlene,

Thanks for the summary .. would make a good article eh?  ;) 

Out of curiosity, what's meant by "clustered links" ? 



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From: "Marlene Bruce" <marlene at digitizethis.com>

some of the preliminary results they found 
| was that the more usable sites have the following (I should stress 
| they're preliminary):
| * Smaller minimum color usage (like two main colors and one accent)
| * No italics
| * Clustered links
| * There were "good" ads on good sites, "bad" ones on bad (reputable 
| ads correlated with respectable sites)
| * More interactive objects (like search buttons)
| * The most Bobby and WebLint errors! (this correlates to the number 
| of interactive objects, tables, etc.)

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