[thelist] Truth about cookies?

Tyme nopun at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 16 13:41:10 CST 2001

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> Isn't there some kind of plugin for this on a windows platform?

TYME} I would be interested to know of anything.  Definitely need better
cookie control on browsers.  I have cookies set to prompt, as I do not want
to accept the DoubleClick and other ad cookies.  However, it is very, very
annoying to go to a site and have to click "No" to 20 cookies before seeing
one bit of content.  Heaven forbid I decide to view another page at that

TYME} A good browser cookie control option, to work in tandem with Prompt
for cookie:
1. Accept all cookies from this site.
2. Accept no cookies from this site.

TYME} But, the idea of a cookie exclusion list (by domain or such) would be

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