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Scott Schrantz scotts at rci-nv.com
Fri Nov 16 19:20:03 CST 2001

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> From: Tim McLaren [mailto:tmclaren at bigpond.net.au]
> I'm fairly new to web development though I have had many years of 
> experience as a programmer.  I have currently been working on a site 
> for a client providing much of the cgi and javascript development, 
> ...
> I would appreciate any criticisms, suggestions, ideas from people on 
> what they think of the site and what could be done to improve it.
> http://www.dogs-on-camera.com

	On Win98 / IE6 at 1024x768 there is 100-125 px of empty space at the
bottom of the page, underneath the navigation. And, on several of the pages
the top frame has to scroll vertically 10-50px, something that would be
solved if that empty space was tightened up and the navigation moved closer
to the bottom of the window.
	If the browser is any smaller vertically than ~700px, the bottom
frame completely takes over the screen! The top frame isn't even visible!
You might change <frameset rows="462*,70"> to <frameset rows="*,70">
	I'm not sure why the frames are even necessary, since none of the
pages I have seen need to scroll vertically excessively. And your
Javascript-based navigation could get you into trouble down the road. If a
browser has Javascript disabled, they can't do anything.
	I would move the navigation to the top of the page (where people
would expect more to find it), get rid of the frames and make the navigation
a server-side include. That would solve your bookmarking problem, since
there's really no need for frames here. I would also change the links to
regular <a href="other-services.html"> tags. The JS navigation is horribly
complex for such a simple site. Also, I would change the Home image icon to
read the word "home", to maintain consistency with the other text buttons.
And, of course, put alt text on the buttons. I might also suggest getting
rid of the splash page. It serves no purpose that I can see.
	Other than those navigation issues, the site looks really nice. Nice
and simple uncluttered pages.

> The site is best view with a minimum resolution of 1024x768.
Literally, on Windows. Kind of a strict "minimum".

Hope this helps!

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