[thelist] html load time

Joel D Canfield joel at spinhead.com
Sun Nov 18 01:17:56 CST 2001

Image Magick (Yup, spelt just like that) is a free (not shareware)
command line tool which, as far as I can tell, does every thing
PhotoShop does - but w/o a GUI (unless you're running X-Windows, in
which case, it's fully GUI enabled.) Don't remember the URL.

+1 to aardvark, with a suggestion: automate, but either spot check or
just check (less time to do a quick visual on already tweaked pics than
to tweak by hand.)

joel at spinhead.com

> From: "Jeana Clark" <jmclark at multiservice.com>
> My boss (who's a marketing dude and all about automating as much work 
> as we can) is wondering if there's a server-side program (running on 
> apache or NSCA) that can automatically optimize graphics to a certain 
> 'size' compression etc that we can set and sort of set it as a cron 
> job. Basically.. something like macros in photoshop... but done *on* 
> the server. (We aren't networked to our in-house servers.. have to ftp

> everything).
> Is there any such thing possible?

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