[thelist] Cancelling onKeyDown in Netscape 6

Matt Feldman mfeldman at wwwood.net
Sun Nov 18 20:07:41 CST 2001

I'm trying to stop a form from submitting when the user presses enter on
a text field.  In IE 5 and Netscape 4, I have a working solution: in the
onKeyDown attribute I call this function:

	function cancelEnter(evt) {
		if (evt.keyCode == 13) {
			return false;

I have to replace the evt.keyCode with evt.which in Netscape 4, but
that's not a problem.  In Netscape 6, however, it catches the event
fine, but returning false does not cancel the form submit.  I know this
has something to do with event bubbling, but I don't know enough about
it to solve the problem.

Any suggestions?


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