[thelist] Negative cell percentage

Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 18 23:51:46 CST 2001

OK, maybe I'm dense, but what does a negative percentage value in
a TD width property do?


<TD width="-1%">



<tip type="routing at HSPs" author="Robert Goodyear">
Even when you host DNS elsewhere, there can be a lot of artifacts
bumping around in the attic that can wreak havoc at a Hosting
Service Provider. For example, at a major hosting provider who
just merged with another major hosting provider, their
mailservers keep their own routing tables for transporting mail
between domains. When moving a client off their service, another
client still with the service kept sending mail to a dead account
with no error messages or other feedback. Took them 3 weeks to
figure out why one client couldn't ever send email to another
client! So beware: there are more places to look than just DNS
when you don't control the entire environment.

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