[thelist] OT - Do I need a new monitor?

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Mon Oct 21 02:43:01 CDT 2002

Yeller means missing Red gun signal or circuitry.  Blue and Green
equal yeller.  Not hurd for a reel electrunic teky to fix.

The 20" monitor I use now cost me 124 after a 100 rebate at Office
Depot, a KDS Visual Sensations that can be color corrected on all
guns except for a hair of green. The Dell monitor to have lasted more
than 3 years was a pretty good one considering Dell spent less than
10 bucks for it.

Cheap monitors are you get what you pay for.  So if you have a way to
adjust and calibrate a cheap monitor like this KDS then they pay for
themselves many times over in their usually short life.

I owned the repair center for Radius, SuperMac and RasterOps monitors
back when Macs were the only thing that did graphics.  I seen many a
customer lay down 600 for a repair on a 5000 monitor in those days.
They usually would get 3 years without a hassle.

Since then I buy large cheap ones.

At 2:41 AM -0400 21.10.2002, Marc Seyon wrote:
>Argh, please say it isn't so.
>I've got a Dell monitor that's a few years old. Just tonight when I turned
>the monitor back on, the entire screen was tinged with yellow. This effect
>remained for a while then disappeared. It now occasionally flickers back to
>the yellow tinge.
>Is this a sign that I'll be putting a dent on my savings account in a short
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