[thelist] N6 Bug?

djinn at darkdesigns.org djinn at darkdesigns.org
Mon Oct 21 11:01:01 CDT 2002

   From: "Saila, Craig" <Craig.Saila at bgminteractive.com>
   Date: Mon, October 21, 2002 8:17 am
   >     <td width="2%" style="background-color:#ffffff;
   > background-image:url(images/borderr.gif);
   > background-repeat:repeat-y;"></td>

 --This works in Mozilla 1.2b (using another image). Are you sure the URL
 --is right (the two "r"s look a bit weird)?

Yes, the url is correct. The name stands for "Border Right". I also know
it's correct because I have opened the same page in IE and see the borders
 --"Align" affects only the elements children. The background is part of
 --the TD, not a child of it.

Aha! I still have so much trouble with this kind of thing. Some sort of
"parent/child dyslexia" ;) Thanks.

Jean Peterson

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