[thelist] Reliable Web Hosting with PHP/MySQL support

jt jt at underground.net
Mon Oct 21 17:01:01 CDT 2002

Good afternoon.

I am looking for a decent web host with support for PHP and MySQL(w/
phpMyAdmin etc).

This will be used to host small to medium client sites initially, but I want
to be sure that I can scale up when I need to.

I would prefer

1. Someone who is local(I am in Los Angeles).
2. Telephone support.

Also, if its in LA, I want to know where they colocate their servers.

Thank you for your time. You will be rewarded in Valhalla.

Jonathan Tobin         (   jt at badzen.com   ):
Badzen, Los Angeles    (   www.badzen.com   ):
phone                  (   310.276.6713   ):

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