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Valerie Worrell VWorrell at sno-isle.org
Mon Oct 21 18:16:01 CDT 2002

I hope that isn't the problem, I have tried to troubleshoot that. My
understanding is that lower versions were suppose to be able to process the
form. But everyone trying to use the form has 5.0 readers. This is an
employment application that various different people will use. I need it to
be accessible by lower versions. I tried it without the JavaScript as well
in the URL line putting mailto:. I got the same results.


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> From: Valerie Worrell <VWorrell at sno-isle.org>
> I have recently created a fill-in form using acrobat 5.0. The problem
> is that when anyone else beside myself hits the submit button it
> doesn't work. I want to form to email to my email address. Most get an
> error that says "program trying to access my contacts and the warning
> about a possible virus" others nothing happens.

this may sound silly, but are you *certain* everyone else testing it
has the Acrobat 5.x Reader?  often, older versions of Acrobat don't
support advanced scripting...

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