[thelist] PHP - Email comes to a central server, then is re-routed by zip c ode or city. How do I do this?

Magnus Østergaard magnus at sslug.dk
Mon Oct 21 18:26:01 CDT 2002

Valerie Worrell wrote:

>How do I re-route emails that are received at a central server, by a zip
>code or city that is included in the form questionnaire, to another

>Often, the sender has questions that need to be
>answered by their local store.
>The form is a php form.
Why not make the forms e-mail adress be the same as the zip code?

Like: zipkode at example.com

Your To header could be something like:

 $mail_to  = "$zipcode at example.com";

This would also be easy to filter on the server side with procmail or a
.qmail file.

// Magnus

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