[thelist] PHP - Email comes to a central server, then is re-r outed by zip c ode or city. How do I do this?

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Mon Oct 21 19:15:01 CDT 2002

Valerie Worrell wrote:
> It is submitted to a program on the web server and then mails to the client.

> How do I parse the email staying with PHP?

I hesitate to offer code since I don't work with PHP much, but
you need to match that ZIP code from the form against a table that
associates all ZIP codes with an email address.

That said, depending on how complex the correlation -- can you say
all ZIps between 93100-97799 go to one email, or is the breakdown
really granular -- you might want to fork off a separate process to
take forward the mail and let the original return a thank you page
to the submitter without waiting.

What's the matchup table look like?
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