[thelist] Wanted: recommendations for a basic CMS system to do this:

Tony Page zamba at zamba.com
Mon Oct 21 22:41:01 CDT 2002

Hi all,
The site is that of a professional photographic organisation with
membership of approximately 1000 in 7 different states, hosted on a
Unix/Apache virtual host, mysql, php, SSL etc available (I do not have
root access). Unfortunately the membership, although online, is not web
sophisticated. The need is for the following:
1. Designated member officers in each state to be able to upload news,
etc to their individual sections of the site via their web browser (can
specify IE). Preferably cross-platform mac/PC, and maintaining Word
2. Members (via individual password) to be able to upload 25 images, and
preferably captions, to their portfolios, have them resized and
thumbnailed, and their name added to an index page. Must be searchable,
member details preferably linked to database in (3), but could be
separately inputted.
3. Members (via individual password) to be able to amend their
membership details via web-browser. Each amendment to be automatically
emailed to the secretariat of the organisation to allow updating of
offline filemaker pro database used as master information source (nb as
amendments are made other than through the web, information from this
master database is currently uploaded once a month in flat file form to
provide a searchable database online, and this capability will probably
need to be maintained).

There will also be the need for several BBS in private and public
sections (currently I'm leaning towards phpBB)

I've been thinking of using Gallery
(php) by Bharat Mediratta for the portfolio section (Version 2 is
supposed to be out shortly), and looking at PostNuke etc, but perhaps
I'm overdoing it, the expected input from the members is relatively
small, even on a monthly basis for most. Maybe an editing program like
Editize plus some basic security system is what's necessary?

I'd be grateful for any ideas, opinions on any or all of the above.
(Yep, Martin, I've considered Zope, but I think it's beyond me!)

Tony Page

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