[thelist] SQL: Birthday report (solved)

Seth Bienek evolt.list at sethbienek.com
Tue Oct 22 07:54:01 CDT 2002

As it turns out, SQL Server supports the use of '>' for equality
checking (of course), but it does not return 1 or 0, but rather TRUE or
FALSE, which obviously can't be subtracted from anything. :)

So it was back to the drawing board.  My original plan was to use the
same concept, but to execute it using a CASE statement, but while doing
some more research, I stumbled across a very intriguing and, dare I say,
slick approach to finding birthdays within a date range, by David

"This sample simply creates comparable numeric values by multiplying all
months by 100 and then adding the day value."

A few tweaks and I had this baby doing everything I needed!

I wanted to share it with you all because it elegantly solves what I
believe to be a common challenge for web developers, and also because
there are LOTS of examples for accomplishing this task in SQL that are
out-right incorrect, and this one works.

Thank you Rudy, Darren, and Joshua, for your help and pointers!

Peace Out,


> -----Original Message-----
> I'm given a task of writing a report to display clients whose
> birthday is within a provided date range.  Sounds simple,
> right?  It ain't.
> ...
> I found a very good article on doing this in MySQL by evolt's
> very own Rudy Limeback:
> The major problem with this approach being that I am using SQL Server
> and the constructs he provides don't work with SQL server,
> specifically this statement:
>           < RIGHT(birthdate,5)
> Can someone (rudy maybe? :) explain what this does?

it evaluates to 1 or 0          < RIGHT(birthdate,5)

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