[thelist] Rotating images with ASP

Hassan Schroeder hassan at webtuitive.com
Tue Oct 22 08:44:01 CDT 2002

Jason Cartwright wrote:
>>It's no different than the web server opening the file and
>>writing the contents to a socket connection to the client

> Yes it is - running the whole image through the ASP parser would
> obviously be dramatically slower than just serving it via the web
> server.

1) not *conceptually* different and

2) the file's not being parsed (unless ASP has no direct file
      system access methods - I don't know, I've only used Perl
      and Java for this).

> Your trying to tell me that -
> File System > ASP > Web Server > Client
> is the same as...
> File System > Web Server > Client

I never suggested that there wasn't a possible performance impact.
Still, your diagram's wrong.

client ->
        web server request handler ->
               web server* request servicer ->
                          system file I/O handler ->
                                 web server* request servicer ->

* the web server "request servicer" can be a builtin module, or a
CGI program, JSP/PHP/ASP interpreter, whatever.

Whether performance in any given specific situation is an issue,
only you can decide. Me, I'd test before making assumptions :-)

Hope this clarifies,
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